Hazzard County Hoedown Dinner Theater

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Hazzard County Hoedown at Smith Family Dinner Theater

Smith Family Theater has done it again.
WOW, what a show Hazzard County Hoedown is!

Only on stage for its third week, Hazzard County Hoedown has demonstrated its not just playing Dixie!  Bringing back memories of the clean family fun 70′s series, Dukes of Hazzard, Smith Family Dinner Theater has amassed some fantastic talent and set the bar for what’s expected to be rated ”Best Show In The Smokies!”

Boss Hogg Hazzard County Hoedown Pigeon Forge Smith Family Dinner Theater.Last week our small group visited the fairly new Hazzard County Hoedown dinner show, we were awe-struck by the caliber of choreography and performances demonstrated on stage.  Accolades to the script writer of this dinner show, we never to hit a dull spot.

A top notch performances doused with the flame of abounding excitement flowed from start to the ”please don’t stop” end.  When our jaws were’nt busy chomping fantastic country vittles, served prior and during the dinner show,  we found ourselves voluntarily joining in to the lively stage tunes.

The Hazzard County Hoedown cast were just plain out infectious.  Each cast member needed no introduction.  You could tell these performers embraced their characters, from physical outward appearances to the very inward mannerisms each seemed to flawlessly embellish who they were to be on stage.  It was at times as though you could close your eyes and feel the actual artist performing on stage that very moment. They exonerated every gesture, every snicker and every note as though they are the original artist.

Particularly I was most touched by the Charlie Daniels cast member.  While the key he sang in seemed slightly lower than that of Charlie Daniels, his every note was no less heart felt than that of Charlie Daniels himself.  His fiddle playing was tops, bet he could give Charlie Daniels a run for his money!

Sheriff Rosco P Coltrane and Flash saying hi to guest at Smith Family Theater. Smith Family Dinner Theater has long entertained visitors to the Pigeon Forge Great Smoky Mountains area with performances mimicking everything from Kermit the Frog to the most notable musical artists.   Hazzard County Hoedown doesn’t replace the Smith Family show, this is an expansion of what Smith Family Dinner Theater has to offer its guest.  It is the spirit of true showmanship.  The well established Smith Boys are sharing their stage with a new cast of younger talent, presenting these performers the opportunity to blossom into stars of their own making.

Hey pardner, we don’t want to forget Uncle Jessie and Flash!  Flash did a fantastic job of winning the hearts of young and old alike but you need to watch out for Uncle Jessie.  He has this habit of feeding folk like we did back when families where large.  Many families were so large tables would stretch near into the next room,  it seemed easier and more polite to toss some things than pass them along and interrupt everyone else’s supper.  Uncle Jessie loves to share food with his new found neighbors and sometimes takes this to extremes, if you raise your hand don’t be surprised to find a roll in it before you can get it back down onto the table.   One of the guys in our group raised his hand to answer a  question, he found out how quickly Uncle Jessie can pitch.

If you have seen this show, please leave us a comment for our readers.  If you have questions, please visit www.hazzardcountydinnertheater.com or call them at (865)429-8100.